More Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Games Are Coming, But It’s “More Complicated”

There are currently 13 Original Xbox games in the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility lineup, including great games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Psychonauts. More are coming, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed, though he did not give anything away about what these titles might be.

“There are a number of [Original Xbox] games in [backwards compatibility] pipeline,” Spencer said on Twitter. However, he cautioned that getting OG Xbox games into the catalog is “more complicated” than it is for Xbox 360 titles. Getting permission from the rights-holders for titles is more involved than it is for Xbox 360 titles, he said, which will mean that there won’t be as many OG Xbox games in the library as there are Xbox 360.

Microsoft has always said the lineup of OG Xbox games in the backwards compatibility won’t be as extensive as the Xbox 360 catalog, nor will the releases come as frequently. For comparison, we rarely go for more than a few weeks without new Xbox 360 games being made backwards compatible.

For more, you can see the full lineup of backwards-compatible OG Xbox games below. Meanwhile, here is the full OG + Xbox 360 backwards compatibility catalog.

All The Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Games:

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