Call Of Duty: WW2’s First DLC Gets A Live-Action Trailer

Call of Duty: WWII‘s first DLC pack launches soon, and it looks like it’ll be a pretty big addition to the game. With a theme focusing on the resistance to Axis occupation and a War mode map based on prisoner rescue, it’ll also likely have a fairly serious tone. But the new trailer for the pack is definitely not serious.

Following in the path of past live-action trailers, this one features some Call of Duty fans who get a little too passionate about the game. They start planning their own resistance in the real world, although it’s unclear who, exactly, the occupiers are. You can watch the trailer in the embed above.

The pack comes with three normal multiplayer maps, called Valkyrie, Anthropoid, and Occupation. It also features a new War mode map, titled Operation Intercept, which requires one side to rescue Resistance fighters and escape. Finally, the pack comes with a new Nazi Zombies mode, The Darkest Shore.

The Resistance DLC launches for PS4 on January 30. As usual, we don’t know its exact date yet on other platforms, but Call of Duty DLC generally arrives a month later for Xbox One and PC. If you own Call of Duty: WWII’s $ 50 season pass, this DLC is included, but you can also buy it separately for $ 15.

Ahead of its launch, a new limited-time Call of Duty: WWII event has begun for everyone. Also called The Resistance, the event is free and runs through February 27. It adds new weapons, gear, and a new Division, and it marks the return of the ridiculous Prop Hunt game mode.

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