BioWare’s Anthem Officially Delayed Until 2019

Anthem, the new IP from BioWare, will not be released in 2018 as previously planned. Instead, the Destiny-esque action game will launch in early 2019, EA confirmed today alongside its latest earnings report.

That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, and it confirms a recent report from Kotaku that said Anthem had been delayed. Speaking with the WSJ, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen claimed this was not actually a delay. However, that appears to be untrue, given the company had previously cited a 2018 release for the game, which is headed to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

EA didn’t go into great deal about the reasoning behind the delay. Kotaku’s report suggested it was due at least in part to issues with development, though the statement to the WSJ attributes it instead to a desire to release the game during a less crowded period. EA may go into the subject more during this afternoon’s conference call with investors. We’ll report back with anything it has to say. Its actual earnings report made no mention of the news.

Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah recently confirmed he had joined the Anthem project, also in the role of executive producer. BioWare as a whole has seen a great deal of change in the last year, particularly since the troubled launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda early in 2017. BioWare Edmonton GM Aaryn Flynn announced his departure last summer, with Casey Hudson returning to the company to take up his position. Andromeda developer BioWare Montreal was later absorbed into EA Motive.

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