Xbox One Adds Two New Backwards Compatible Games

Microsoft has added a couple more games to Xbox One‘s backwards compatibility library. Two more Xbox 360 titles are now playable on the current-generation console. Microsoft’s Major Nelson revealed the new additions via Twitter.

The two new backwards compatibility games are Earth Defense Force 2017 and the Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure 2. The former title was a physical release, while the latter was only available on Xbox 360 digitally as an Xbox Live Arcade title.

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If you already own the disc for Earth Defense Force 2017, you can simply pop it into your Xbox One disc tray and begin playing, while Sonic Adventure 2 will be waiting in the Ready to Download section of My Games and Apps if you already own that game digitally. You can also purchase both titles now from the Xbox Store.

November brought a handful of new games to the Xbox One backwards compatibility library. Most recently, another pair of titles were added earlier this week: Peggle 2 and Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, the latter of which is also one of December’s free Games with Gold. You can check out our full list to see all of the Xbox One backwards compatible games.

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