The Witcher 3 Black Friday 2017 Ad Early Deals: All PS4, Xbox One, PC Sales And Discounts

Black Friday 2017 is right around the corner, and that means tons of sale prices to be had on video game consoles, accessories, and software. Even very recent releases that just came out–things like Need for Speed Payback, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Call of Duty: WWII–will be on sale. While not a 2017 release, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will also enjoy some substantial discounts at a number of retailers.

Next to Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has been one of the more enduring and critically acclaimed games this decade, where a single playthrough on the base game alone can take over 100 hours. It’s never too late to start and the current sales make jumping into the lands of Skellige Islands and Novigrad all the more inviting.

Based on the ads that have been released so far, GameStop and Best Buy have the best deals, depending whether you want to start off with the base game at $ 20 through Best Buy or go for the full experience with the Complete Edition, featuring all the DLC and Expansion Packs at $ 25 at GameStop.

On the digital side, the Xbox Store’s Black Friday sale has begun and you can get the base game for $ 24. The PlayStation Store Black Friday sale has a better deal with $ 20 for the Complete Edition. The PC version of the base game is also available for that price on GOG while you can get the Game of the Year Edition on Steam for $ 20 as well.

If you’re wondering whether The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is worth picking up, you can read our full review. Kevin VanOrd awarded it a 10/10 and said, “The Witcher 3 depicts the immediate brutality of battle in great detail is not a surprise; many games fill the screen with decapitated heads and gory entrails. It’s the way this incredible adventure portrays the personal tragedies and underhanded opportunities that such battles provide that makes it so extraordinary.”

You can check out a complete list of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt deals for PS4, Xbox One, and PC below. We’ll continue to update this as more Black Friday ads are revealed. You can also check out all of our other Black Friday coverage through the links at the bottom of this post.

The Witcher III PS4/Xbox One/PC Black Friday Deals

  • Best Buy — $ 20 / $ 22 (PC)
  • GameStop — $ 25 (Complete Edition; all DLCs and Expansion Packs)
  • — $ 20 (PC)
  • PlayStation Store — $ 20 (Complete Edition; all DLCs and Expansion Packs)
  • Steam — $ 20 (Game of the Year Edition; all Expansion Packs)
  • Xbox Store — $ 24

Black Friday 2017 Deals

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