The best iPad and Android tablet deals on Cyber Monday 2017

Cyber Monday has arrived, and although for most retailers it officially ushers in the end of the Black Friday discounts, in a lot of instances it brings with it a fresh batch of deals. 

Traditionally Cyber Monday has been a time for online discounts, although you'll no-doubt be aware that the discounts have been coming thick-and-fast all Black Friday weekend. 

What is does mean is that this'll probably be the last chance to get major discounts before Christmas. As with the Cyber Mondays that have come before, there are a great deal of discounts out there, and not all discounts are created equal. Here we'll be bringing you all the best deals that we've found on tablets, both from Apple, and other manufacturers. 

Cyber Monday tablet deals quick links:

The best iPad deals on Cyber Monday 2017

Below you'll find our recommendations for where to head to save yourself some money on the latest and greatest Apple tablets. If you're not looking for an iPad, keep scrolling and underneath are the Amazon and Android devices.

The best Android and Amazon tablet deals on Cyber Monday 2017

If you're not an Apple fan, these deals are much more likely to be your cup of tea. We've got some Amazon Fire tablets, some Samsung Galaxy devices, Lenovo, and more.

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