Splatoon 2’s 2.0 Update Goes Live Today, Adds New Stage, Gear, And More

If you're looking for something to play after getting stuffed on Thanksgiving (or, if you live in the rest of the world and are looking to play something on just another Friday), you'll be happy to know that a major Splatoon 2 update goes live today.

The update technically hit yesterday, but one of the new stages, MakoMart, goes live today. Three additional stages will be hitting in the coming weeks. As for right now (and as we previously detailed), the update adds 140 pieces of new gear to equip (so you'll have fewer excuses when your squid kid is found to not be fit for combat and excessively stylish), raises the level cap from 50 to 99, lets players swap gear between matches, makes a host of balance changes to both multiplayer and Salmon Run (the latter also gets a few more weapon options), and (most importantly) lets you nab a Fried Whip Cream Double Croissant at Crusty Sean’s Food Truck, which sounds delicious and increases the amount of battle cash you earn by 2.5 times for a limited time.

To dive into the thick of all the changes, head here. Another new update, slated for December, will add a new mode: Clam Blitz.

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