Sonic 3D Blast Gets A Fan Patch From Founder Of Traveler’s Tales

The 1996 Genesis release of Sonic 3D Blast, the isometric Sonic game that didn't really set the world on fire, has gotten a director's cut patch from the game's original lead programmer and founder of Traveler's Tales, the company now best known for LEGO games.

Jon Burton, who founded Traveler's Tales in 1989 and still works there, worked on Sonic 3D Blast in 1996. The isometric platformer had the misfortune of coming out shortly after Super Mario 64 and not really being what people expected from Sonic in 3D. Burton had always wanted to fix the game, but never got the chance.

“Because Sonic 3D is part of the Sonic legacy, and Sonic has had a mixed legacy, I’d like to address, where I can, my part in that,” Burton told Gamesbeat. “If I can make Sonic 3D a bit more acceptable to the Sonic fanbase with a few days of my time, then great, why not try it?”

You can check out a trailer for the fan patch below and maybe give the game (which is now old enough to drink) a spin.

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