New Gameplay Today – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

If you need to know anything about Kyle Hilliard, it's that he's the biggest Animal Crossing fan in our office. When Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was released this morning, he was the first one to download the app. How could we resist tapping into that enthusiasm? Well, we couldn't. Leo and I roped Kyle into taking us on a virtual tour of his campsite, and it went really, really well.

Don't let the fact that we called it everything but Animal Crossing Pocket Camp fool you – Kyle absolutely lives and breathes this franchise! Watch our latest episode of New Gameplay Today to see Kyle and I guide Leo through the character-creator before skipping to Kyle's personal campsite. He builds a fence! He picks pears! He accidentally incurs a massive debt (not real money, don't worry)! It's all here for your viewing pleasure.

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