PUBG Creator Is Not A Fan Of Classic Games, Thinks Modern AAA Titles Are Too Easy

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has grown into a wildly popular title since its release in March. However, its creator is not someone who considers himself a gamer or who has a deep love for classic games. On the contrary, Brendan “Playerunknown” Greene doesn’t have any interest in classic series like The Legend of Zelda, according to a new interview.

Talking with GameSpot sister site CNET, Greene stated that he doesn’t consider himself a gamer. Although he played and enjoyed games growing up, he was never passionate about well-known series. “I don’t consider myself a gamer, compared to a lot of people I meet at these conventions where their life is dedicated to games,” he said. “I enjoy games, but I don’t consider myself on that level. I’ve never played Zelda. I’ve never played these classic games because they don’t interest me.”

What he has played, however, are many hardcore, ultra-realistic military games that attempt to simulate combat. He explained that his favorite game growing up was Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. “I played the absolute s*** out of that game until there were no more servers left,” he stated. “I loved the whole idea of it: the fact there was bullet drop, that it was somewhat realistic, and I could go be a sniper quite easily.”

Not surprisingly, this love of hardcore military sims led him to grow frustrated with modern, mainstream AAA games. He expressed irritation with current design trends such as quicktime events. “My frustration with a lot of AAA game titles was that they weren’t hard anymore,” he stated. “Once you die two or three times, you know where the enemies are coming from, and in a lot of the bigger titles, the ending… I come from an era where the end boss for a game, you spend f***ing days or weeks trying to beat him. With a lot of the AAA titles these days, there’s no boss at the end. Just press F at a particular time, and it plays the cut sequence at the end.”

There are many more interesting facts from Greene’s life and development career in the full interview; you can read it here.

In other PUBG news, developer Bluehole is implementing a key-and-chest system for DLC cosmetic items next week, and you can check out the first batch of skins here. In addition, Greene recently shared that the two new maps coming to the game are still several months away from completion.

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