Nintendo Switch Version Of Lego Worlds Dated

Lego Worlds has been out for a while now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Minecraft-like sandbox building game officially launched to decent critical and commercial reception back in March on those platforms, but WB Games also announced that it would come to Nintendo Switch at some unspecified date. Today, it has finally shared the release date for the Switch version.

Switch owners will be able to pick up Lego Worlds on September 5 in the US and September 8 in the UK. WB Games announced the news on Twitter, stating that the game would be $ 40 and include two DLC packs.

The first of the DLC is presumably the recently released space expansion, which adds a large adventure world set on the Moon. It includes quests and new models for building. It’s available right now on other platforms for $ 4. There’s no word yet on what the second DLC will be.

It’s now available to pre-order on Switch. For those wondering how it stacks up against Minecraft, you can read more about Lego Worlds here. Minecraft is available on Switch for $ 30 and will soon get cross-play compatibility with other platforms.

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