iOS 11 brings iPad multitasking improvements… and quirks

This summer, iPad users who are testing out the iOS 11 Public Beta are getting their first taste of the future of iPad multitasking. From a redesigned app switcher to an entirely transformed Dock, iOS 11 will make things quite different.

While so many of these changes are welcome—I’ve been running iOS 11 on my iPad Pro since the very first beta release because I’ve been so desperate for some of these improvements—there are still some interesting wrinkles. It remains to be seen just what will change before iOS 11 goes final this fall, but here’s a look at where we are today, and where things might go in the future.

The Dock is… different

Since the early days of iOS, the Dock has been nothing more than a tray on which you could place frequently-used apps so that they’d be within reach no matter what page of your home screen you were currently viewing. With iOS 11 on iPad, the Dock is entirely different, and this means your approach to what apps you put in the Dock should be different too.

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