Heroes Of The Storm’s Next Character Will Be Very Difficult To Kill

Another Warcraft character is on the way to Heroes of the Storm in the near future. Garrosh Hellscream, the Horde warchief, is a Warrior-class hero who sounds extremely difficult to kill.

Whereas other frustratingly hard-to-kill characters use abilities to shield themselves or become invulnerable (‘sup, Varian?), Garrosh simply takes less damage as he loses health. His trait, Armor Up, provides him with one armor for each 2% of his max health that is missing. The overview video above shows this in effect, but essentially, a Garrosh with little health will be a real pain to take down.

Garrosh’s first ability is Groundbreaker, which deals damage in a cone in front of him; those caught near the edge of it are pulled to him. Bloodthirst deals damage to a nearby enemy and heals him for 10% of his missing health, or 20% if the enemy hit is a hero (making him even more challenging to take down). Wrecking Ball is the most intriguing of the three, as it allows him to pick up and throw an enemy (including heroes) to a designated location nearby, which also slows them.

His first Heroic ability option is Warlord’s Challenge, which silences and taunts nearby enemies, forcing them to attack him for 1.5 seconds. The other Heroic option is Decimate, which deals damage and slows nearby enemies. Hitting heroes with this reduces the cooldown, and the ability can store up to three charges.

In addition to unveiling Garrosh, Blizzard has released a trailer showing some of the other things it has in development. These include a new motorcycle mount (which does a wheelie when you first take off) and a bunch of skins, such as a Terran-style suit for ETC, one that resembles an engine and buzzsaw weapon for Garrosh, and an Ultralisk-esque makeover for Anub’arak.

A specific release date for this content, including Garrosh, has not been announced, but you can likely expect it all in the coming weeks.

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