Gravity Rush Meets Let It Die In Upcoming Event

Gravity Rush 2, Sony's PS4 open-world platformer starring everyone's favorite gravity witch, is apparently crossing over with Grasshopper's free-to-play roguelike Let It Die. The announcement was made at GungHo Festival 2017, an event celebrating Grasshopper's parent company, GungHo Online Entertainment. Full details will come on July 31st, but this isn't the first head scratcher Gravity Rush has been involved with.

Recently, protagonist Kat gained the ability to don the costume of Nier: Automata's 2B as she flips, flies, and falls around the the floating city she protects. A Let It Die crossover might work similarly, give Kat a new costume to wear, but that's all just speculation for now.

You can check out our Gravity Rush 2 review, or our Let It Die review, while we imagine how cool Kat would look dressed like Uncle Death riding a skateboard through the clouds.

[Source: Official Let It Die News]


Our Take
Sony is doing a surprisingly good job of supporting Gravity Rush 2 over time. It's smart of them to keep brand recognition up by making these crossovers, so hopefully they keep going. – The Feed