Final Fantasy 15’s Regalia Headed To Forza Horizon 3

Final Fantasy XV won’t be the only game where you can drive the Regalia for much longer. Microsoft has revealed the car driven by Noctis and company is on its way to last year’s excellent racing game, Forza Horizon 3.

At ChinaJoy 2017, the massive E3-esque show taking place in China this weekend, Microsoft shared the news with a look at the car, Famitsu reports (via Gematsu). There weren’t many details shared regarding its availability, but we do know it’s slated to launch “soon.”

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You’ll be able to get your hands on the car for free by owning Forza Horizon 3 or Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One by August 1. If you fit that criteria, you’ll get the Regalia for free once it’s released. Presumably it will be usable in both the Xbox One and PC versions, but we’ve followed up with Microsoft to confirm.

It’s unclear if you’ll be able to purchase the car as DLC or obtain it through other means. Microsoft previously offered Halo’s Warthog as a drivable vehicle in Horizon 3 for free if you had played certain Halo games, but it also later offered it through an in-game event.

Microsoft does have another upcoming game–Forza Motorsport 7–that it could have potentially brought the Regalia to, but Horizon 3’s less serious style of racing seems like the better fit for a crossover like this. That game launches on October 3.

Horizon 3 could have marked the first time you’d be able to take the Regalia off-road. However, a Final Fantasy XV update earlier this year finally afforded players the freedom to drive the car without rails, rather than being restricted to roads only. The RPG will also soon support multiplayer.

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