Chromebooks look ready to ditch ‘OK Google’ – is Google Assistant arriving soon?

It appears Chromebooks may start pumping the brakes on its built-in "OK Google" voice search command to make room for Google Assistant.

The Google-powered laptops seem to be depreciating the voice command feature used for basic searches. From there, it appears that Google Assistant could be primed to take over for the user's Google-related needs, according to a report from Chrome Unboxed.

Previously, users could go through their Chromebook's settings to set up instant searching using an "OK, Google" prompt, but the report claims this functionality is taking a back seat to a more front-and-center process for Google's more feature-heavy Google Assistant.

Since activating voice search and Google Assistant use the same words, it's likely that Google is phasing out voice search to reduce confusion over the identical phrases on the Chromebook platform.

It's too soon to tell how close Google is to dropping its Assistant on Chromebooks just yet but as rumors also point towards Google potential working on a new 'Eve' model of its own, we wouldn't be shocked to see the tech giant make some moves in the computing world sooner than later.

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