Check Out These Iconic Movie Monsters As Highly Detailed Statues From Comic-Con

While Comic-Con showcases upcoming television show and film, the show floor displays new products, and some of them will cost you a pretty penny. One booth that stopped many Comic-Con-goers in their tracks was Chronicle Collectibles, which displayed brand-new statues featuring some iconic characters.

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A few of the highlights from the show floor were the Gremlin standing on a copier, which Gizmo is trapped inside of; a Freddy Krueger statue standing above a boiler room; and a couple of highly-detailed Guyver-related pieces. Price points were not listed for any of the statues; however, if comparing the size and scale of these new figures to ones Chronicle Collectibles have released in the past, these statues will more than likely start around the $ 600 mark.

At this point in time, none of these products shown above are available on the Chronicle Collectibles website for pre-order, as Comic-Con was their debut to the world. If you’re interested in more, here are some statues and figures we saw at Sideshow Collectibles.

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