Weekend Warrior – Back To The Old Grind

Many of us are still suffering from our post-E3 hangover. That means returning to the games we abandoned for a week and trying to figure out what the hell we were last doing before we saved. It also means that as the dust settles and the hype has worn off from last week's reveals, we're reflecting on what we just witnessed over the past week. So what do you think? Apart from what you'll be playing, let us know in the comments how you feel about the announcements one week later. And for what we thought be sure to check out our Best of E3 Awards.


Jared Koncsol (@JaredKoncsol) – I started Doom a few days ago, so I’ll be finishing that up. I’m also hoping to get into NBA 2K17 some, but I finally broke down and ordered Overwatch so my life can become the unceasing sinkhole I’ve always wanted it to be.


Brian Shea (@BrianPShea) – I feel like it’s the same story for me every weekend at this point: Persona 5 and Overwatch.


Doug DeLong (@DeLongDoug) – It’s another weekend of Zelda for me. I finally got over my urge to collect every Korok seed so I should be able to start moving through the game faster. I’m also getting an itch to play something other than Switch, and I’ve got two options –  just need to decide which. I think I’ll probably blow a bunch of money on the Steam sale or pick up a PS4. 


Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I’m still in E3 recovery mode, so hopefully this weekend will offer respite from last week’s insanity. A Cars 3 viewing will probably happen; a lake will be visited; a meal will be consumed; Nier: Automata will be played; and finally, sleeping in will occur (maybe).


Suriel Vazquez (@SurielVazquez) – I played about an hour of Yakuza 0 last night and enjoyed it a lot, so I’ll probably continue learning about these Dojimas and Kazumas everyone’s talking about. I’m also mulling over when I’ll replay Wolfenstein: The New Order since the new one’s on the way. I liked it the first time around but didn’t love it, so I’m hoping I’ll like it more this time around. Also, I bought Thumper on Switch so I might try that at some point.

Craig Taylor (@CraigTaylor0805) – I'm still grinding through Kingdom Hearts II, and I have to say that all the people who told me II was better than the original Kingdom Hearts are out of their minds. I'll also be teaching Jared the ropes in Overwatch because he's probably really bad.

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