The best cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 deals in the US for June 2017

Update: Cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 deals are a little easier to find today thanks to the fact that this is Samsung's last flat, non-curved flagship. It's still selling the phone, and doing so at a deep discount in some cases.

The best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals in the US are happening right now thanks to the fact that this is a year-old Android phone. It's much cheaper than it was at launch and that's great news for anyone who wants to buy what was our favorite phone in 2016 and, up until recently, in 2017 when the S8 came out.

You can pay $ 0 down on Galaxy S7 and anywhere from $ 19 to $ 24 a month for the device thereafter. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are all offering deals that'll save you at least $ 10 compared this year's Samsung phone.

Even better, there are several Buy One, Get One Free offers from carriers, many of which require signing someone else up for a new line. That's a fantastic way of getting a friend or family member onto your account and saving money.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on Verizon

The Samsung Galaxy S7 on Verizon is now cheaper than it was a year ago, with the baseline price of $ 24 a month, which is $ 576 spread out over 24 months.

That's considerably cheaper than the $ 28 a month Verizon was charging a year ago. Over the course of your contract, you'll save $ 96 compared to where we were all paying last year.

What would you rather pay $ 576 today or $ 672 last year? Good things come to those who wait.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on AT&T

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 deal is on AT&T – technically. It costs $ 19.84 a month for one of the best smartphones we've ever tested. But the contract is a little more lengthy at 30 months – again, technically.

While it's true that AT&T and other US carriers have done away with contracts on plans, there is a monthly device payment plan. Your commitment has shifted to the phone instead of the plan, which is still positive news for everyone.

AT&T's device payment plans all start at 30 months (not 24 months), so you can go with the $ 19.84 over 30 months or with $ 24.80 over 24 months.

But, as long as you turn in a working Samsung Galaxy S7 one year from now, paying off 80% of the phone's total price and have an AT&T Next Plan, you can upgrade to your next phone with a trade-in credit. It's actually a sound deal if you plan to stick with AT&T when annually jumping from one phone to the next. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on T-Mobile

There's some incentive to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 from T-Mobile thanks to its more tolerable credit checks in the US and frequent Jump upgrade plans.

It costs $ 24 a month for the Galaxy S7, with an initial $ 0 down on the phone if you have good credit. If you don't, the down payment will be larger (to the point that you'll be paying for the phone outright if you have no credit), but at least there are options if you have okay credit.

T-Mobile's plans also cost less money, and ironically, its Jump upgrade program has fewer hoops to jump through. It lets you change up your phone more often – every six months instead of every year. That's a big deal for early adopters of technology.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on Sprint

Buying the Samsung Galaxy S7 on Sprint has its perks if you're looking for a shorter contract. It lasts just 18 months in this case.

That's $ 0 upfront for the phone when bought online and $ 24.80 a month thereafter for $ 18 months. That adds up to a much more tolerable $ 446.40. We're finding that Sprint's 24 month plan is the same price, so it's basically letting you off the hook early with this latest Galaxy S7 deal, and we like it.

More great Samsung Galaxy S7 deals for June 2017

The four major carriers are hardly the only place to find the Samsung Galaxy S7. We've scoured the web for the best plans and the best handset prices when it comes to Samsung phone with a 5.1-inch screen.

Stores like Amazon have it for as low as $ 439 if you're willing to pay for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7, while smallers carriers like Cricket Wireless, TPO Mobile and Credo offer much cheaper data plans.

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