Rocket League And Pokémon Toys Headline San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con 2017 attendees can looks forward to scoring some sweet exclusive merchandise from UCC Distributing.

First up is the Rocket League 8 pc PullBack Racer Set ($ 49.99). Not only is this the first ever Rocket League product brought to market, it contains a code that will unlock special in-game items such as the ZT-17 Wheels and Cold Fusion Rocket Boost.

UCC is also selling three exclusive Pokémon plushes: a 12" Tyranitar Jumbo Plushie ($ 39.99), a 12" Venusaur Jumbo Plushie ($ 39.99), and an 8" Jigglypuff Plushie ($ 19.99).

Outside the realm of video games, UCC has an exclusive portal toy from Rick & Morty with working lights and a projectable portal ($ 24.99). There's also several eight piece miniature figures sets from Dragon Ball Z ($ 29.99 and $ 39.99), Digimon ($ 29.99), and Kingdom Hearts ($ 29.99).

The full list of UCC's SDCC 2017 wares can be found here.

[Source: SDCC Unofficial Blog] – The Feed