PS4/Xbox One Getting Limbo/Inside Physical Double Pack

Indie darlings Inside and Limbo are coming to retail later in 2017 as part of a physical double pack for PS4 and Xbox One. The box will include both games and some collectors’ items, “including a limited run poster and art card,” according to the bundle’s publisher, 505 Games.

The double pack launches in the US on September 12 and Europe on September 15, though it’s unclear if it will come to other territories. It costs $ 30–the same price as buying them individually from the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Store.

Limbo originally launched on Xbox 360 in 2010, before later coming to PS3, PC, mobile, and current-gen consoles. It was critically acclaimed and was awarded a 9/10 in our Limbo review.

Inside, meanwhile, received an 8/10 when it launched in 2016. Critic Alex Newhouse called it a “beautiful, haunting, and memorable game,” and a “worthy follow-up to Limbo.” Read more in our full Inside review.

One of the games’ primary developers, ex-Playdead exec Dino Patti, unveiled his new project just recently. Titled Somerville, it’s apparently a “sci-fi action-adventure” game. Check out more details here.

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