Planet Coaster’s Free Summer Update Adds Fireworks, More Customization, And New Rides

Planet Coaster‘s third expansion is out now, free of charge, and it adds new coasters, attractions, and ways to customize your park. The Summer Update’s biggest addition will let you create “the ultimate sky-high summer spectacle” by adding fireworks displays to the game, and you can get a look in the trailer above.

The update boasts “the most detailed fireworks simulation ever created for a video game” and will let you create displays for the Fourth of July, New Year, and Bonfire Night, which can be triggered with other park events and even timed to custom music. You can also download custom fireworks displays from other players through the Planet Coaster community.

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The Summer Update also introduces new Video and Image Scenery, which allows you to add your own images and video onto customizable wall panels and screens. And there are others ways to change up your park with a new Flatride Sequencer and Painted Wooden Coasters.

Of course, the update comes with the addition of new flatrides, coasters, scenarios, custom biomes and, right in time for the Fourth of July, a Stars and Stripes scenery pack. Creator Frontier Developments is also promising game fixes and quality-of-life improvements, and you can get a look at all of the changes in the patch notes.

The Summer Update is now live, and if you’re just getting into Planet Coaster you can get it on sale in Steam’s Summer Sale for $ 30.

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