Pinball FX3 Plays Old Tables, Adds New Features

This summer Zen Studios is starting a new platform for its pinball tables on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC – Pinball FX3 – and along with it come your old tables you've already purchased as well as some single- and multiplayer features.

First off, the developer says that most of your old tables from Pinball FX2 and Pinball FX will migrate over for free, and these then integrate Pinball FX3's new features. These include multiplayer matchups, leagues, user-generated tournaments, and more. There will also be single-player features designed to help you become a better pinball player.

More details on the platform, including its three day-one tables from a new IP partner, are coming in the future.

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[Source: Zen Studios]


Our Take
Very excited that the platform is also including tutorial-like features, as I could use some help beyond the already useful menu-based table guides. – The Feed