New Dark Tower Trailer Teases That “Death Always Wins”

A new video for the Stephen King movie The Dark Tower has arrived, showing off the film’s stars and King himself discussing the rad-looking action movie coming out soon.

Idris Elba plays the Gunslinger, and he is mostly the focus of this new behind-the-scenes video, which sets up his character and explains his motivations. We also see Matthew McConaughey talking about how his character, The Man In Black, is trying to take down the Gunslinger. He says at one point, “You can’t stop what’s coming. Death always wins.” As for King, he briefly discusses why he’s proud of the movie and its actors. Take a look:

The Dark Tower also stars Tom Taylor as young protagonist Jake, plus Katheryn Winnick (Vikings), Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen), Dennis Haysbert (24), and Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road). It’s directed by Nikolaj Arcel.

The Dark Tower was originally set to hit theaters in February, but the release date was subsequently moved to the summer. At the time, it was reported that the ambitious post-production process meant that hitting a February release would have added millions to the budget, so Sony decided to delay the film instead.

There has also been talk of a Dark Tower TV show. In September, it was reported that an adaptation of 1997’s Wizard and Glass, the fourth book in King’s series, is being planned.

Producer Ron Howard, who was recently named the new director for the Han Solo Star Wars movie, stated that while a show is in development, it was far from definite. “[There’s] not a commitment on the television side,” he told TV Guide in April. “But creatively, it could work very well, hand in hand with what we’d like the movies to be.”

The Dark Tower hits theaters on August 4, 2017.

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