Move Over Netflix, Watch An Endless Stream Of Speedrun Videos Instead

No matter how long it normally takes you to beat a game, watching a pro speedrun the same title is entrancing. A new website offers up a nearly endless stream of speedruns for your enjoyment.

Speedrunwr will give you a brand new speedrun video every time you visit the site. Want to know how fast you can beat Ori and the Blind Forest? Less than 48 mins. Meanwhile, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s world record is about 1 hour and 56 minutes, so you can watch that in less time than it takes to finish one of Peter Jackson's film. The site pulls random records from the API.

If you’ve got some time to kill, Speedrunwr will lead you down some fascinating rabbit holes. Check out the Shadow of Mordor run below.

[Source: Speedrunwr via Polygon]

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