Lowest price yet: Amazon Echo price drops by $50 today only

There's a temporary Amazon Echo price drop going on right now, and today isn't even the online retailer's famous Amazon Prime Day

It's on sale for $ 50 off today only through Amazon, making the popular Alexa-enabled smart speaker just $ 129.99 in the US.

Amazon Echo is already the No. 1 best-seller in home automation on the retail website, though to be fair Google Home isn't sold there anyway. It may break records for Amazon given the surge of interest in smart speakers.

This is a one-day only Amazon Echo sale, according to Amazon. After that, the flagship Alexa speaker will revert to the normal price of $ 179.99.

Amazon Echo ahead of Amazon Prime?

We don't officially know when Amazon Prime Day will be, but it's not today. 

Yes, this is the biggest Amazon Echo discount this year, tying Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals last year, but the Deal of the Day is limited to this deal.

The fact that a full-on Amazon Prime Day isn't happening right now lines up with our thinking: Amazon Prime Day is closer to mid-July, like last year's July 12 date.

We'll let you know for sure when more Amazon mega-sales happen, and we'll keep asking Alexa to fill us in on the details. Alex is our best source these days.

For now, enjoy the Amazon Echo smart speaker price drop that doesn't happen too often. At least until Apple HomePod launches.

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