Hearthstone’s New Expansion Will Be Detailed Next Week

Blizzard plans to share the first details about the next expansion for Hearthstone in just a week’s time. A “special announcement” is scheduled for next Thursday, the studio announced today.

The Hearthstone Championship Tour’s Spring Championships begin next Friday, July 7. One day earlier, developers will reveal unspecified details about the new expansion. You’ll be able to watch this live through the Hearthstone Twitch channel on Thursday, July 6, at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET (3 AM BST on July 7).

We don’t yet know anything about the next expansion, but there has been quite a bit of Hearthstone news of late. Blizzard plans to introduce some improvements to opening packs, ensuring you get your hands on new Legendary cards more easily. Additionally, it intends to nerf the Rogue’s Quest card The Caverns Below.

Hearthstone’s most recent expansion came in April. Journey to Un’Goro added more than 130 new cards and introduced several key new mechanics, including Quest cards and the Adapt keyword. It did not introduce a new single-player Adventure, as Blizzard has made changes to how it releases new content throughout the year.

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