Hasbro and Nintendo Announce Super Mario-Themed Monopoly

Hasbro and Nintendo have announced a new Monopoly edition, Monopoly Gamer, which mixes the traditional gameplay of Monopoly with a variety of characters, special abilities, and other themes directly from the Super Mario franchise.

Fan-favorites such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, and Yoshi appear as character tokens, each bringing a unique Power-up ability that introduces new strategic elements to the game. For example, landing on the Super Star space activates Peach's Super Star ability, allowing her to collect rent from the bank. Monopoly Gamer also adds the Power-up die which, when activated, provides boosts for players as they battle familiar bosses and compete against one another.

Check out a thorough explanation of the game below.

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The standard edition of Monopoly Gamer becomes available in August with a price point of $ 29.99. Additional character tokens like Luigi, Boo, and Diddy Kong will be sold separately in Power Packs for $ 2.99 each.

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