Hands-on: 10.5-inch iPad Pro ‘Smart Case’ provides rear protection for less than $20 [Video]

Looking to protect the front of your iPad Pro with Apple-produced gear? Apple provides three different options. You can opt for a traditional Smart Cover, a Smart Keyboard, or Apple’s iPad Pro Leather Sleeve.

All three of the aforementioned products protect your iPad Pro in various ways. Both the Smart Cover and the Smart Keyboard will protect the front of your iPad Pro via a magnetic attachment that allows you to easily use the device with the cover or keyboard still attached. The Leather Sleeve, obviously, renders the iPad Pro unusable while contained within the case.

Only one of the products — the Leather Sleeve — provides any sort of rear protection for the iPad Pro, but as stated, the device can’t be used while enclosed inside.

This presents an interesting predicament. Apple doesn’t currently sell any first-party cases that protect the rear of the iPad Pro while in use. Not to mention that a Smart Cover + Leather Sleeve, or Smart Keyboard + Leather Sleeve combination can easily approach $ 200 or more depending on which you opt for. But even if money were no object, Apple just doesn’t offer a solution to this problem. So I took the next logical step, and found a case on Amazon. more…