Google Photos can now use machine learning to share your pics

Google Photos is rolling out two new features that will make getting your favorite snaps out to the world a, well, snap.

The first of these features, Suggested Sharing, uses machine learning to look over your Google Photos library and identify images that your friends and family may enjoy based on faces, location, or other kinds of context. 

From there, users can review and edit suggestions and then send them out those people in an instant, even to users who don't use Google Photos themselves over email or text.

Suggested Sharing also picks out photos from multiple Google Photos accounts that might belong in a single album, like a camping trip or family gathering, and ask permission to collect them — resulting in one shared album rather than can be enjoyed by multiple people.

Also rolling out is the Shared Libraries feature for Google Photos, which allows individual users to link entire photo libraries together. Once shared, a user can send every photo they take — or just photos of specific people — to the Shared Library instantly.

Both Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries are currently making its way to Android, iOS, and web users starting today. You can learn more about each feature (and how to ensure you don't share the wrong images with the wrong people) on Google's blog.

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