District 9 Director Wants To Make A Game Someday

Neill Blomkamp, who directed District 9 and Elysium and was attached to the Halo movie with Peter Jackson before it fell apart, would like to make a game of his own someday.

Speaking to Polygon, Blomkamp said he would “absolutely” like to do that, but it may not be anytime soon. He said if it were to happen, it wouldn’t be until after his new short film studio Oats “is on its feet.” He added that he wouldn’t pursue a video game of his own while making his next “big [movie] feature,” either. But if those hurdles could be cleared, Blomkamp said, “I would love to make a game. A lot of that stuff really resonates with me.”

He added that he would like to make something in the vein of shooters like Titanfall, Halo, or Battlefield. But again, it sounds like a Blomkamp-directed game isn’t happening soon, or ever.

“Doing that requires a massive amount of focus, and the focus for me right now is film and Oats,” Blomkamp said. “Making games requires a different process to filmmaking and you have to commit on focusing to that entirely, which I can not do right now.”

The first movie from Oats is Rakka, a 21-minute film featuring Sigourney Weaver. You can watch it above or on Steam for free. Alternatively, you can buy the Volume 1 Assets package for $ 5 on Steam, with funds going toward the production of follow-up short-films and eventually, potentially, a feature-length production.

Blomkamp was at one point attached to make a new Alien movie, but it now seems like that will not happen. The Oscar-nominated director has said he would be open to trying again to make a Halo movie, but only if he had some level of creative control.

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