DC Developing Second, Soviet-Themed Superman Movie

DC’s superhero universe kicked off in 2014 with Man of Steel, but despite that film’s success, there has been no sign of a second standalone Superman movie. However, it has now been reported that the studio could be looking at making a big screen adaptation of the Red Son graphic novel.

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Superman: Red Son was a 2003 limited-run comic book that told an alternate story in which Superman was raised in the Soviet Union rather than the US. The news of a potential movie comes via a Twitter exchange between Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Red Son creator Mark Millar.

Vogt-Roberts mentioned he had pitched an adaptation to Red Son to DC, but that it “will sadly never get made.” However, Miller then responded with a more positive update:

This was news to a suprised Vogt-Roberts, who then gave further details about the vision he had for the movie. “When I was pitching Red Son I wasn’t even convinced you needed [Ben] Affleck and [Henry] Cavill. Public understanding of the medium has evolved,” he said. “I think we can sustain a ‘main shared universe’ AND offshoots with alternate takes on characters and different actors existing simultaneously.”

Miller has subsequently spoken to Den of Geek on the subject. He explained that the studio was using Red Son as one of several potential storylines to attract quality filmmakers to the DC universe, and weren’t specifically focused on that one title.

“Is this something they’re genuinely planning? I have no idea,” he said. “I’ve got pals at Warner Bros. but never discussed it with them. I think they’re just going through their back catalogue of big books and hoping to lure in good directors as opposed to any particular interest in developing Red Son.”

After Man of Steel‘s huge success, the plan was to follow it up with a direct sequel. However, DC’s desire to accelerate its cinematic universe led to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice instead, which introduced both Batman and Wonder Woman. Cavill will reprise his role as Superman in Justice League, which arrives in November.

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