After 10 years, where does the iPhone go next?

Ten years ago this week, the public first got its hands on the iPhone and began a revolution that has forever changed the way we use technology. We’ve gone from a society where a computer was something you had to sit down at a desk to use to one where it’s in your pocket all the time. We’ve ushered in an era of apps, selfies, emoji, and the answer to every question at our fingertips.

So, with all that under its belt, where the heck does the iPhone go next?

The unchanging iPhone

As others have remarked, looking at today’s iPhone reminds you that it’s not that different from the original iPhone of 2007, in the same way that you can trace a direct line from that 1984 Macintosh to today’s iMac. There’s a screen, a few buttons on the front and side, a charging port, etc. 

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