[Update] The Silver Case Patch Fixes Inaccessible Chapters

Update 4/25/17: Patch 1.01 has resolved the issue of the missing chapters. Players will have to clear the game's final chapter again in order to access them, but they should be there now.

Original Story: One of this week's notable releases is The Silver Case, an HD remaster of the first game by Grasshopper Manufacture. The intricate tale of murder and corporate corruption had lots of the strange moments that have since become synonymous with games from developer Goichi Suda. But even if this sounds up your alley, you may want to hold off before choosing which version to buy.

The game is currently available on PC and PS4, with the latter receiving two extra epilogue chapters (even though one of them has "prologue" in the title). However, as of this writing, we have not been able to access those additional chapters even after finishing the rest of the game. Publisher NIS America has confirmed this is a known issue, and plans to release a patch to fix this issue "as soon as possible." The additional chapters are also headed to the PC version, so if you're thinking of picking up the PS4 version to get those first, you have a little more time to make your decision.

For more on the Silver Case, you can read our interview with Suda, and watch us play through the first hour of the game.

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