Steam’s Next Free Weekend Game And More Deals Announced

Looking for a new game to play? Steam has a freebie available right now in the form of the rad-looking multiplayer game Duck Game. Set in a futuristic 1984, at a time when “ducks run wild in a frantic battle for glory,” Duck Game sees players duking it out as ducks with weapons such as shotguns and saxophones. Really.

Watch the video above to get a closer look at the title, which originally came out in 2015 and has a “very positive” user rating on Steam.

The game is free for this weekend only. You can pick it up right here on Steam. It’s only free this weekend, though when the time is up, you can pick it up for half-off ($ 6.50) through May 2.

In other Steam news, some of this weekend-only deals include Ghost Recon: Wildlands for $ 48, deals on the entire Sniper Elite franchise, and The Culling for $ 16.74. You can see all of the weekend deals for Steam right here on the store’s website.

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