Report: Vivendi Plans To Make Its Big Ubisoft Play This Year

Vivendi has steadily acquired shares of Ubisoft for more than a year now, but apparently Vivendi will be speeding up its acquisition plans for the game company. According to Reuters, Vivendi is expected to move forward with a move to acquire the gaming giant within the year.

Sources within the company tell Reuters that the accelerated timeline is in part a move to smooth over relations with shareholders, who are apparently losing faith in Vivendi's leadership. The company's shares have fallen three percent over as many years. One of the sources said that, if the ultimate price of a takeover was too high, Vivendi's leadership could consider acquiring companies in China.

Vivendi currently owns 25.15 percent of Ubisoft, though it said as recently as December that it was not considering acquiring control of the company within the next six months. 

For more information on the situation between Ubisoft and Vivendi, take a look at our in-depth feature.

[Source: Reuters]


Our Take
It's a little strange that Vivendi – a company that is apparently struggling with its shareholder perceptions about poor leadership – is citing Ubisoft's poor leadership as a reason why Ubisoft's shareholders should support Vivendi's overtures. – The Feed