Reader Discussion – What Improvement Would Make You Return To An Abandoned Game?

We’ve all had it happen. There’s a game you can’t wait to play, and it finally releases. You pay your money, launch your game, and dive into the action, only to find that there’s that one infuriating feature that turns you off. Sometimes it’s a bug or a broken aspect of the game, and sometimes it’s just an aspect of play, progression, or presentation that you wish would work a different way.

Tell us your story. Did you want to love For Honor, but you couldn’t handle getting dropped from matches? Maybe you wanted to explore a BioWare game like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, but some aspect of the characters and story turned you away? Did you start playing Overwatch, but get frustrated at the repeated drops from loot boxes? Or maybe some older classic game drove you crazy with a particularly difficult or frustrating section, like Battletoads’ infamous tunnel sequence?

We want to know about the game you hated to abandon, but left you too annoyed to continue. And how could that game change to bring you back into the fold? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below. – The Feed