Nintendo Announces The New Nintendo 2DS XL Handheld

Nintendo has announced the 2DS XL system for $ 149.99, and it's available on July 28.

As the handheld's name and form factor show, this upcoming system has the same screen size as the New 3DS XL (although it's lighter) but it does not have the 3D effect. It plays all 3DS/New 3DS and "most" DS titles and has built-in Amiibo functionality.

Currently there is only one color option – the black and turquoise scheme above.

The 3DS XL sells for $ 199.99 with the regular 2DS going for $ 79.99.

For more, check out the hype video below.

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Our Take
I personally never cared about the 3DS' 3D functionality, so in my opinion this is effectively a price drop for a system that has plenty of great titles. – The Feed