Is this our first look at Apple’s self-driving test car?

Less than a fortnight after it was confirmed that, indeed, Apple is testing out self-driving cars, it appears we might have our first look at what the iPhone maker is hitting the road with.

A white Lexus RX450h SUV was spotted leaving an Apple facility in California, sporting sensors, cameras, and other gear used in autonomous driving research, according to Bloomberg.

The report adds that the Lexus is rigged with third-party sensors, including a Velodyne LIDAR unit. It appears no proprietary or custom-made equipment was noticed on the car, though you can see for yourself in the footage below:

Of course, Apple loves to keep its projects in the darkest of dark until its time for unveiling (see also: the company's supposed interest in VR) so there's no telling if Apple is planning to get into the automotive game or just make its own self-driving software for other manufacturers.

Apple isn't the only company cleared to test self-driving cars in California.  Companies ranging from usual suspects like Ford, Honda, BMW, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz to techy newcomers like Tesla, Google, Faraday Future and Nvidia have also received their robo-driver permits, making the race to driverless driving a rapidly growing one.

  • Before the iCar, Apple will have to finish work on the iPhone 8

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