D.Va Coming To Heroes Of The Storm, Getting Crossover Skin

Blizzard's latest content update for Heroes of the Storm arrives today, which includes a new Overwatch-like crate system and a slew of cosmetics. It only stands to reason that the shooter gets more representation in the MOBA mashup, and the studio has revealed another familiar face is joining its ranks. D.Va is coming to Heroes of the Storm, and you can see her in action (at least in CG form) in a new teaser trailer.

The clip shows the new Hanamura battleground and a battle between Genji (both battleground and Genji are live today) against Diablo. Things aren't looking too hot for the cybernetic ninja – it is Diablo, after all – but then D.Va shows up to even the odds.  

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The pair join several other Overwatch characters who have made the transition to Heroes of the Storm, including Lucio, Tracer, and Zarya.

In addition to the trailer, Blizzard has revealed a few other Heroes of the Storm tidbits that are bound to be of interest to Overwatch fans. Players who spend a little time in Heroes of the Storm will be able to unlock the Genji Oni skin – great news for those who missed it the first time around. Players can also unlock a new D.Va skin via Heroes of the Storm, which is themed to look like a police car. You can see more details on those and other Nexus Challenge 2.0 rewards in the trailer below.

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