Alien: Covenant Funko Pop Figures Revealed

With Alien Day already bringing an exciting prologue short for the upcoming Alien: Covenant, Funko has now revealed a lineup of new Pop figures that are on the way.

David (played by Michael Fassbender), Daniels (Katherine Waterston), and–of course–the Xenomorph are each getting Pop vinyl figures this spring. David’s even got a cute little hat on.

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While those three will be available everywhere, two more figures will be store exclusives. Oram (Billy Crudup) with a face-hugger attached to his head and a bloodied version of the Xenomorph are also on the way. Oram will only be found at Hot Topic, while the alternate Xenomorph will only be available at GameStop.

A precise release date for these figures wasn’t shared.

Covenant itself launches on May 19, with a sequel, Alien: Awakening, set to follow at some point. That movie will be set chronologically between Prometheus and Covenant, a time period that’s covered in today’s tantalizing new video.

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