You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Again

April Fools’ Day is tomorrow, so you can celebrate now by playing Pac-Man around your neighborhood on Google Maps.

Reviving the gag it’s offered before, Google has enabled the ability to play Ms. Pac-Man using the streets in most areas on Google Maps. Provided there are enough roads in the area you’re looking at, you can play a working version of the game, complete with ghosts, sound effects, and music.

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On the web version, Ms. Pac-Man is turned on by clicking a button in the bottom left; the arrow keys are then used to control your character. You can also play in the mobile app–you won’t miss the option to turn it on–by swiping on the screen.

Either way, it can get a bit confusing with diagonals and strangely laid out streets, but it’s still a fun distraction that works surprisingly well.

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