The best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals available to pre-order today

So the Samsung Galaxy S8 has finally been announced by Samsung. And as expected the prices are expensive. Extremely expensive. The Samsung Galaxy S8 price is £689 if you want it SIM-free, with 24-month deals costing upwards from £965.

Only Apple can usually get away with charging this much for a new phone so it’ll be interesting to see how the S8 flies in its early days. It'll surely sell by the bucket load in the long term.

And admittedly it does appear to be a stunning phone, with an amazing new screen and the Bixby smart assistant it looks like a genuine step forward from last year's S7 – if you want to read more about the handset itself, you can read our hands-on review of the phone over here. But on this page we’re going to look at your options for buying the Samsung Galaxy S8 on contract, outright and with a SIM only deal if you want to save some money.

Below you'll see the best S8 deals so far – it'll automatically update with the cheapest deals as they feed through to us.

Galaxy S8: the most expensive Samsung launch deals ever

We expected the Galaxy S8 to be on the expensive side, maybe a shade more expensive than the S7 prices from last year. But as it happens the phone is launching slightly more expensive even than that. We’re not talking orders of magnitude more expensive but you’ll be hard pressed to bag yourself a Galaxy S8 deal for less than £1000 over the course of a two year contract and that's usually territory you only see for premium phones like the iPhone 7 Plus with a shed load of data.

Incidentally, a quick browse of all the network sites reveals that – as usual for pre-order phases – buying an S8 deal direct from EE or O2 etc is not advised unless you're willing to phone them up and attempt to haggle. The networks' prices are eyewatering- you pay less by going through resellers like Carphone Warehouse or so that's where we'd advise shopping if you're going to pre-order.

The best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals from resellers can be seen in the table above.

Samsung Galaxy S8 deals: free gifts

If it softens the blow a bit, there are some free extras you get for ordering the S8 at Carphone Warehouse or

All pre-orders will come with a Samsung Bluetooth speaker, while all O2 deals ordered through these sites will come with the free speaker AND unlimited data for music streaming which is something we haven't seen done before.

Samsung Galaxy S8 deals: why you should go SIM only

If you’re determined to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S8, the most economical way of doing it is to buy the phone outright and pair it with a SIM only plan. If you didn't know, a SIM only deal is a mobile plan that offers calls, texts and minutes but no phone which makes them very cheap. So when you tack on the admittedly exorbitant £689 cost of the S8 SIM-free, it still works out about £100 cheaper on average over the two years.

Admittedly there is a convenience and qualification element here – not everyone can afford to drop £689 on a new smartphone. And even if you can afford to – do you really want to? Either way, if you have the money, you’ll save in the longrun doing it this way. The S8 is available SIM-free from a few places, all for £689:

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