Sonic Mania Gameplay Trailer Reveals The New Green Hill Zone

Sega today published a new trailer for Sonic Mania that shows off a brand-new area, Green Hill Zone Act 2. It looks aesthetically similar to Green Hill Zone 1, but you’ll notice that there are now new item boxes and routes to take, as well as a zipline tool for traversal. Also on display is Sonic’s new ability, Drop Dash, which allows him to perform a spin dash move immediately after hitting the ground following a jump. New enemies called Hard-Boiled Heavies are also seen.

You can see the gameplay video in the embed above. If you’d rather see it narrated by Sega, you can watch this video.

Sonic Mania is scheduled to come out this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, though a specific release date has not been announced.

A brand-new Sonic game is also in the works, but almost nothing is known about it. We do, however, know it’s coming to the same platforms and is also due out this year.

Sega has teased new Sonic reveals for South by Southwest, which takes place later this month. Sonic voice actor Roger Craig Smith and Dr. Robotnik voice actor Mike Pollock will attend a panel on March 16 to share new details.

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