Scalebearer Arrives In New Quake Champions Highlight Trailer

A new champion is set to join the ranks of id Software's hero-based online shooter, Quake Champions. Unveiled via Bethesda's YouTube channel, the intergalactic warlord Scalebearer is the primary focus of Quake's latest trailer, which shows the combatant in action with his special abilities that let him pulverize foes by landing on them from above or running into them headlong. 

Scalebearer will be joining other characters in the free-to-play title, and will be purchasable with in-game currency called Favor for a limited time, or a more permanent purchase with real world currency. You can check out his trailer down below.

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For more details on exactly how Quake: Champions' free-to-play model works, you can check right here. The game is also currently taking signups for a closed beta that is expected to start soon. – The Feed