Reader Discussion – Who Is Your Favorite Mass Effect Character?

Mass Effect Andromeda is finally upon us, and while it has its own issues, it's still looks to be a good game, according to our own Joe Juba. I haven't played it, but I'm hoping that, if nothing else, it can offer me some great character moments, the kind that made me like the series so much. 

In case that doesn't happen, let's reminisce: Who's your favorite Mass Effect character? Mine is easily Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, who meets Shepard while on her pilgrimage to prove herself to the Migrant fleet. Always calm, tactical, but never uncaring, she's the one character I always brought with me on missions. Her arc is probably my favorite in the series, and I found we usually matched up when it came to our views on some of the more tense situations throughout the original trilogy.

So who's your favorite Mass Effect character? Wrex? Miranda? Please don't tell me it's Garrus. I overhear enough adoration for him at the office. – The Feed