Reader Discussion – What’s The Wackiest Ending In A Video Game?

Nier Automata sure is a game, huh? It's definitely got some flaws, as Joe points out in his review, but man, I'm really taken with how oddball it is. Also, I'm a sucker for games with multiple endings; I gotta see 'em all.

So I'm curious, reader, what are some of the weirdest endings you've ever gotten in a game? For me, it's gotta be the Shiba ending in Silent Hill 2. I remember reading about that in a gaming magazine and thinking it was joke, so me and my friend stayed up all weekend one time to see it happen and, lo and behold, it was real.

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Some other contenders for me: Half-life's binary ending, Undertale, Metal Gear Solid 2. All memorable, all strange.

Alright, your turn. Let us know in the comments below what the wackiest ending you've ever seen in a game is. – The Feed