No One Can Hide From New Overwatch Widowmaker Statue

Overwatch's Widowmaker might be a contentious character to pick in a competitive match, but there's no arguing that her new statue is awesome. Available from Blizzard's online store, the piece measures an impressive 13.5", with a 7.5" base and is impeccably detailed, depicting the character activating her trademark Infra-Sight with her gun hanging by her side. You can check out full look at the statue down below, and head to the statue's store page for more.

The statue comes with a hefty $ 150 price tag similar to the Reaper statue before it, but can you really put a price on having an international assassin on your shelf?

Overwatch continues to go strong, having just released tank hero Orisa, which you can read about here. Game Informer's own Brian Shea recently shared some of his thoughts on Overwatch's loot box system, which could use a bit of an overhaul. You can read more about that here. – The Feed