New Tom Clancy Sniping Game Announced For Mobile Devices

Ubisoft today announced a brand-new Tom Clancy game for mobile devices. ShadowBreak is described as a “real-time multiplayer sniper shooter” that also features tactical objectives.

You play as an “elite sniper” who takes command of a squad and can make tactical decisions for where to send troops for the most impact. The game is set in the near future where factions known as Shadow Nations are threatening global stability. Your job is to take down these bad guys as part of an initiative called…ShadowBreak.

A post on the Ubisoft blog has more details. First, the matches are three minutes long, and you must divide your time between sending out troops and finding the best sniping vantage points for yourself.

ShadowBreak will feature a “wide selection of guns” and there are as many as four unique units available in each match. In typical Tom Clancy form, strategy is a big part of the game.

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“Our hope is that the balance between these two aspects is very tight,” ShadowBreak creative director AJ Morales said. “If you’re a great marksman with an inferior troop loadout, you’re still going to have a strong avenue to victory. If you’re not as strong in your shooter prowess but have superior troops and strategy, you’ve still got a great shot at the win.”

ShadowBreak is due out later this year for iOS and Android devices. Go to the Ubisoft blog to learn more about the game.

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