New Reservoir Dogs Game Revealed

Reservoir Dogs is a classic film filled with memorable dialogue, great performances, and lots of blood, which makes the name of  upcoming game adaptation of the movie, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, somewhat appropriate. The top-down, Miami Hotline-inspired shooter is due out on both PC and Xbox One in Spring 2017.

If you want to see the game in action, you can watch the teaser for it here:

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There's been another Reservoir Dogs game before, a third-person shooter that wasn't received by the public that well. Bloody Days is taking a different approach, developing mechanics and features that play on the film's flashback structure, letting players switch between three of the dogs in each mission and allowing them to use a time rewind mechanic to help plan out tactical moves.

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Our Take
I played a bit of the game at GDC and found it to be a promising foundation for what could be a quality tie-in movie. We'll have to wait till Spring to find out if the game pans out but I'm cautiously optimistic. – The Feed